Mission and Vision

About Us

SCU•Presents fosters opportunities on the Santa Clara University campus to teach students, engage audiences, and promote understanding through the performing arts. Created to facilitate artistic exchange between artists in the fields of dance, music, and theatre, SCU•Presents  encompasses programming from the Department of Theatre and Dance, the Department of Music, and Arts for Social Justice Initiative, as well as select Visiting Artists Series programming. In addition to presenting the works of these university programs, SCU•Presents  serves an important role within the local community by offering affordable venues to Bay Area arts organizations and educators.

Arts with a Heart

At Santa Clara University the arts embrace our mission by stimulating, celebrating and enhancing an understanding of others and ourselves through the shared experience of the arts.

Great art stirs our imagination, sharpens our observations, rouses our emotions and creates an awareness of the world around us to hopefully stimulate a desire to get involved. At Santa Clara University the arts will inspire you as it advances an understanding of social, justice and sustainability issues.

To further enhance the arts at SCU, the Visiting Artist Series strengthens our commitment to the arts, by bringing the finest professional artists to the Santa Clara community.

Please take a moment to peruse all the events we offer this season and then choose the ones that excite you the most. Join us at scu•presents for a wonderful season.

Butch Coyne
Director, SCU•Presents 
Santa Clara University