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The Circuit and Breaking Through

SCU•Presents ASJ annually tours a 50-minute play relating to a social justice topic. Currently, two plays are being presented on an annual rotating basis addressing the most divisive issue in our country today, immigration. A third play is in development.

About the author:
Francisco Jiménez immigrated with his family to California from Tlaquepaque, Mexico. As a child, he worked in the fields of California. He received both his master's degree and his doctorate from Columbia University and is a professor emeritus at Santa Clara University.
The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child

based on the book by Francisco Jiménez and adapted by Leo Cortez

Generally- 3rd - high school students

After dark in a Mexican border town, a father holds open a hole in a wire fence as his wife and two small boys crawl through. So begins the story of Francisco Jiménez, who at the age of four illegally crossed the border with his family in 1947. The Circuit, tells of young Panchito a wise, sensitive little boy and the life of his migrant family. The intertwined stories follow the family through their circuit, from picking cotton and strawberries to topping carrots and back again. They move from one labor camp to the next, where impermanence, poverty and back-breaking work define their lives. This semi-autobiographical story is one of survival, faith, and hope, where the family endures. It is a journey that will open hearts and minds. CLICK HERE FOR A STUDY GUIDE
Breaking Through
based on the book by Francisco Jiménez and adapted by Leo Cortez
Generally- 3rd - high school students
In this sequel to The Circuit, we pick up the story of Pancho and his family after they've been deported to Mexico. In a brave move to return to Santa Maria, the family applies for legal entry to the United States. But in the months and years that follow, Francisco and his family face poverty, long hours of field labor, and prejudice. These hardships are lessened for Pancho, as his dream to continue his education at Santa Maria High School becomes a reality. Until a division between father and son grows when Francisco gets a scholarship to attend college. It quickly becomes clear that the family's financial future is destined for failure if the family does not stay together. CLICK HERE FOR A STUDY GUIDE
About the 2020 Tour: THE CIRCUIT
What: The Circuit, a 50-minute play with a post play discussion.
When: March 9 - 20, 2020 (Monday through Friday)
For: 3rd through 12th grades
Where: Performances at local schools or Santa Clara University.
Scheduling:  Performances are available at:
• Local school sites with performance time of 9:00am and 1:00pm.
In theatres, multipurpose room, auditoriums, gymnasiums.   SCU•Presents requires a one hour prior and post show set up and take down period.
• Santa Clara University, Louis B. Mayer Theatre 10:30am . (A self-guided tour of the Santa Clara University campus is available.)
• Family Matinee - Santa Clara University- Saturday, March 14, 2020 2:00 PM - (Open to the Public - tickets at
• A fee of $375 per performance.
• Grant Availability: Title 1 and schools and organizations with financial needs may
apply for performance fee assistance and bussing assistance.
• Teachers' Guides are provided online to assist teachers with pre- and post­
performance activities.
• Post-performance discussions with the actors are offered as part of the package.
• Maximum audience attendance must be limited to 350 per performance at the local
school site and 496 at Santa Clara University.
Technical requirements
• At your school, we prefer a minimum performance space that is no smaller than 20 feet
by 20 feet, and require 8 feet in height.
• Access for our van to unload and park.
FILL OUT THE REQUEST FORM HERE and we will be in touch to schedule your
school for this incredible opportunity.
Performances are currently available for the South Bay only.
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