The Reviews Are In!


From the time you encounter information about our events, to the moment the lights come up on the audience and you leave our venue, we strive to make every interaction as smooth and enjoyable as possible. See what our valued customers are saying about their experience at SCU•Presents! 


“I enjoyed being back in the theater at SCU.” 

“The performance was pure delight. The performers were a joy, and the production was one of the most sincerely heart-lightening and lighthearted adaptations I’ve experienced.”

“It was a lovely afternoon and a fun interpretation of a Shakespeare classic.”

“I enjoyed the compositions chosen for the performance and the excellent quality of the musicians”

“For the first time, I sat close and the experience was exceptional. The positive energy was overflowing and most welcomed!”

“This was our first concert (my son is a first year) and I am super impressed with the variety of music, quality of the performance and the awesome venue. We look forward to many more concerts to come.

“I truly loved going to the orchestra performance. The energy in the Mission Church was truly amazing.” 

“I loved the variety of the dances and the professionalism.” 

My friends and I enjoy the Festival of Lights and look forward to it each year…the music selection is always unique and something we haven't heard before.”

“Just my immense gratitude for brightening my weekend to a degree I did not expect possible.”

“Thank you for making all of this happening and bringing our community together in such awkward and challenging times!”


“I love the beauty of the blend of the voices-interesting music that I don't hear often.”


“The ushers were very kind and helpful. The Fess Parker Theater was larger than expected, very neat and orderly. Great sound system. We will be back! Thank you!


“Very energetic, passionate, and lively performance from the those talented cats onstage.”


“The arts talent across all groups at SCU is well rounded, exciting, and energetic. They have the passion and excel of quality entertainers.”


“The actors were SPECTACULAR!”


“The cast was WONDERFUL; they got me crying by sharing their emotions so well during the performance. I could feel this play!”


Intimate setting. Local theater. Easy access. Passionate actors. Goals for the Brandie bobble head outside was a fun surprise and a good way to engage guests as they arrived. I enjoy supporting local, educational theater.


“Well organized, the performance was amazing.”


“All of it. The pre concert information through emails and social media allowed us to get to know the performers. The concert was well done. Exceeded my expectations. The mission church is the perfect setting. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening!

“The music performance was beautiful and high-quality. The greeters and ticket checkers were cordial.”


Thank you, our patrons for enjoying and supporting the arts. We hope to continue bringing you exceptional, delightful and professional experiences in the arts. We are proud of our SCU students and thankful for the Professors and directors who work tirelessly to bring the arts to you.



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