Visiting Artist Series
HereAfterHere: a self-guided tour of eternity

SCU Presents, Arts for Social Justice and the Department of Theatre & Dance present visiting artists from the Tandy Beal & Company 

Louis B. Mayer Theatre
Seating Options: 
Reserved Seating
$10 - $40
Show Dates: 
Fri, 03/28/2014 - 7:30pm
Sat, 03/29/2014 - 7:30pm
Sun, 03/30/2014 - 2:00pm

HereAfterHere: a self-guided tour of eternity,  directed by Tandy Beal, is a theatre work based on what people think happens after we die. The Bible, the Qu’ran, Dante, Blake, Milton, Swedenborg — even the New Yorker cartoonists — all celebrate the human capacity to imagine an afterlife. (If there is one, where is it located and how do we get in? What’s the price of admission and why is it so exclusionary?) So we proceed, imagining the unimaginable.

This multi-media experience has original breathtaking music, gorgeous video, thought provoking and funny theatre, beautiful dance & interviews with real people about what they think happens after we die. With 20 dancers and actors it bubbles with kinetic poetry, humor and magical visuals. This is a rich mosaic of traditional and contemporary concepts of the afterlife. 

"I was moved to tears...completely filled my being. It was a body, mind, and spiritual experience"


We have all wondered what happens after we die?  This concert invites us to take the ultimate imaginative leap to think together about this. This is a meditation—not the catharsis of loss and grief— but an invitation for us to think about this astonishing future calmly.

This subject is “up” for the large boomer generation— and although ‘everybody’s doing’ it, we rarely discuss it, until it is right in front of us and often in a crisis. New language, imagery, and stories are needed to help re-envision this startling event. Even though this subject is serious, the show has a good dose of humor, since people come to the theatre to be entertained as well as to engage with ideas. Death is the last taboo in our culture—we can talk about sex and money, but not death. The show echoes O. Henry’s last words: “Turn up the lights. I don't want to go home in the dark.”


Post Show Discussions:

Friday, March 28 7:30  Post-show QA with Alexandra Kennedy*, Marita Grudsen** and Hospice leader

Saturday, March 29 7:30 Post-show QA with Rev Ellen Grace O’Brien, Spiritual Leader of Center for Spiritual Enlightenment and Janet Childs, Education Director of Center for Living with Dying (Bill Wilson Center)

Sunday, March 30 2pm Post-show QA with Ralph Metzner, Phd., Author, Psychotherapist and Professor Emeritus CIIS

Panel Discussions

All panels below are free.

Homeward Bound: Rituals at the End of Life with Berget Jelane, SJ Insight Meditation, Rabbi Lori Klein (Stanford Oncology Dept.), Reverend Shanti Macartney, (Center for Spiritual Enlightenment), and Taqwa Surapati, Muslim Chaplain. First Congregational First Congregational Church 1980 Hamilton Ave, San Jose: 3/25 Tues. 7pm

Present at the Passing, a workshop on end of life concerns:  being a supportive presence, embracing loss, aging gracefully while living fully & feeling a sense of wonder!  Marita Grudsen**, Deputy Director of the Stanford Geriatric Education Center; and Alexandra Kennedy*, MFT, Author, Educator and psychotherapist, specializing in grief.  Center for Spiritual Living 1195 Clark St, San Jose Wed 3/26, 7pm

Pondering the Imponderables: Metaphors in Science, Art and Religion  Nancy Abrams, science writer, The Rev. Dr. Eileen Altman, Associate Pastor (First Congregational Church, UCC Palo Alto), Larry Nelson, Assoc. Professor of Philosophy SCU and Lawyer, Rob Scholla S.J. and Bannan Faculty Fellow SCU, Amelia Barili, Professor Latin American Culture UC Berkeley, journalist and yoga teacher.
Tandy Beal, moderator Louis B. Mayer Theatre 3/29, Sat. 3:00

Lighting the Way: A Conversation about Spiritual Living and Dying Panel & discussion about one of life’s most important and least talked about experiences, with leaders from CSE’s Compassionate Care Program. Center for Spiritual Enlightenment, 4/3, Thur 7 pm