ASJ Program Recognized Nationally with NEA Grant

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September 11, 2015
Santa Clara University’s SCU•Presents Arts for Social Justice Program Recognized Nationally with NEA Grant
SANTA CLARA, CA, September 11, 2015 - Santa Clara University is proud to announce the SCU•PRESENTS Arts for Social Justice Program has received a $10,000 matching grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. NEA guidelines stipulate that grants are to support the creation of art that meets the highest standard of excellence, while strengthening communities.  The grant requires SCU•Presents to match the funds SCU•Presents Arts for Social Justice (ASJ) is a collaborative, interdisciplinary initiative, the mission of which is to raise awareness about critical issues addressing the human condition, inspiring students to engage the world. Through the creation of and participation in a wide variety of art forms that promote dialogue and action both on and off campus, students transform lives and society through their creative and intellectual energy and skills. Direct participation in the artistic process encourages positive change by engaging with individuals to address the broader contemporary challenges of our global society.
ASJ has addressed issues such as homelessness, poverty, violence against women and immigration. The current project entitled The Creative Project | El Proyecto Creativo, was co-designed by Santa Clara University Professor Kristin Kusanovich and SCU Presents Director Butch Coyne. This project develops and presents interactive, multidisciplinary performing and visual arts to schools and in the community. Participants experience and create their own original work for an audience. Creative Project include Street Canvas, Performing Our Environment, Poesía en Movimiento for youth and families, among many others that address specific social justice issues such as racism, homelessness, immigration, the environment and bullying.
ASJ sees this grant as a catalyst towards dialogue about the power of the arts to engage students. “Receiving this prestigious national grant gives credence to the idea that the arts can inspire students to affect positive change across a broad range of pressing social justice issues. Our next challenge is to see this grant matched by the community at large.” (Butch Coyne, SCU Presents Director) For information, events’ calendar and to support ASJ visit
About SCU Presents
SCU•PRESENTS fosters opportunities on the Santa Clara University campus to teach students, engage audiences, and promote understanding through the performing arts. Created to facilitate artistic exchange between artists in the fields of dance, music, and theatre. SCU•Presents encompasses programming from the Department of Theatre and Dance, the Department of Music, and the newly formed Arts for Social Justice, as well as select Visiting Artist Series programming. In addition to presenting the works of these university programs, SCU•Presents serves an important role within the local community by offering affordable venues to Bay Area arts organizations and educators.
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