Arts for Social Justice

NEA Project #2 / Performing Our Environment

In Performing Our Environment, dancer David J. Popalisky and theatre artist Jeffrey Bracco will empower community members to communicate their feelings about their environment. During structured walks, an assessment of the neighborhood in terms of aesthetics, litter, and other variables will inform the creation of dances and found object sculptures. Participants will develop skills to create performances that address community issues of concern or celebration.

This program was paired with the professional performance of Steve Trash. Steve Trash is a professional performing artist and environmentalist who taught the students the importance of three magic words – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Project Resources: 

It is our hope that we can inspire others to get involved with projects like this in their own communities. We invite you to use these lesson plans, videos, and pictures as tools and guides in your own journey to create change. Please feel free to model your project off of what we have done through our NEA grant, or use them as references in creating your own project.